Job Search & Career Building Resource Book: 2016 Edition, Free Internet Tools & Resources for Job Hunting & Careers

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FREE Tools and Resources for Job Search and Career-building 2016

Leverage ZERO COST tools to improve your job search, personal branding, and career-building efforts!

FULLY updated for Summer, 2016

A best-selling job hunting guide and career-building book from a best-selling author on Internet marketing: Jason McDonald

You can’t search for a job today without using the Internet. Neither can hiring managers, recruiters, or employers find employees without using the Internet. What’s more, the smart people are building their personal brand images online. In this amazing resource book, author Jason McDonald identifies hundreds of FREE job search and career-building tools that will turbocharge your efforts to build a powerful online brand image. Whether you are hunting for a job, today, or building your ideal career for, tomorrow, you’ll want to set aside a Saturday afternoon to peruse this ultimate guide to free job search and career-building tools and resources.

FREE Tools make it better still

Used by Jason McDonald in his San Francisco Bay Area courses at the Bay Area Video Coalition, AcademyX, and Stanford Continuing Studies, this fun-filled Resource Book will identify so many free tools you’ll soon have your head spinning. With joy. With elation. With the smug satisfaction that while your job search and career competitors are either clueless about SEO or social media marketing or paying for high-priced tools produced by self-satisfied smarty pants, you (my friend) will be using FREE tools to create FREE personal brand building programs on everything from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest to LinkedIn and more.

Whatever network you’ve identified your target audience is on, this book will help you find cool tools to make your job hunt so easy. How easy? So easy you’ll get better interviews, the hiring managers will be dumbfounded by your amazing online brand image, your boss will give you a raise, or if you’re the boss, you’ll make so much money going solo with a powerful online brand image that you’ll finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for the last seventeen years.

With up-to-date information for Summer, 2016, the Job Search and Career-building Workbook includes –

  • Tutorials – Online Job Search & Career-building Tutorials
  • Books– Recommended Books on Jobs & Careers
  • Personal Branding – Resources & Tools to Brand Thyself
  • Resume Sites – Job Search & Resume Upload Sites
  • Content Marketing – Tools to Create & Curate Content
  • SEO Basics – Tools, Tips & Tutorials to Master SEO
  • Blogs – A Better Blog & a Better Personal Website
  • LinkedIn – Tools to Schmooze on LinkedIn
  • Facebook – Friends, Family, Fun, & Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter – Handles, Hashtags, Retweets & Twitter
  • Other Networks – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Monitoring – Content and Reputation Management Tools

Got questions? Just Google Jason McDonald and send him an email – he’s happy to help.

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